Silverdale HOG Christmas Bash Graphic

Silverdale HOG Christmas Bash

Saturday December 11th, 2021

Check-in Time: 5:00pm

Event starts at 5:00pm

The word from the bird is, it's going to be a blast at the Christmas bash!

So, lets get chrome plated and win the costume contest.

Don't be a wet rag, get on the stick to get your tickets daddy-o. You can get your dibs on a ticket for $20 bucks at the November meeting or at the dealership from the dolly's at the front, Nicole and Dakota.

Hooch is cash only cats.

Auction items are cash or check.

The bread we collect go's to PATHH and Coffee Oasis, so get with it and let's make the scene!

One last thing boss, we need some cool auction items to make some unreal bread.  Get with it and bring them to the meeting or give Art Stephens a ring at 360-908-1814.