Silverdale H.O.G. Safety

Steve "Hammbone" HammSafety Officer

Silverdale H.O.G. is committed to having fun while riding safely, and safety is an important part of our chapter rides. Safe riding is something that you should practice every time you ride... whether you ride alone, with friends, or in a group of fellow chapter members.

Destination Harley also sponsors Individual Riding Classes that are available to help you learn to ride safely. These classes are also excellent resources to help you hone your riding skills.

Silverdale H.O.G.'s Library also has some excellent information on Safety that is available for all riders.

Visit the Destination Harley-Davidson Classes site for more information.

HOG members are eligible for a $50 refund from National HOG for successfully completing accredited Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) rider training courses.

Download the Safe Rider Skills Reimbursement Form