Ladies of Harley (LOH), was established by Harley Owners Group to encourage female members to become more involved in chapter activities. Ladies of Harley is not a separate organization from HOG, but rather an additional benefit for female members. Although Ladies of Harley is free of charge, the option to join is not automatic. You must specify your Ladies of Harley membership preference when you join HOG. If you already are a HOG member, you can join by updating your profile on the National HOG website. When you join, you will receive a Ladies of Harley patch and pin, as well as have the Ladies of Harley designation on your National HOG member card.

While Ladies of Harley organizes all Silverdale H.O.G. social events, they also organize and host special events and activities designed for women, however all members are welcome to attend.

Silverdale H.O.G. Ladies of Harley meets once a month. To find where the next meeting is or next event check out the Silverdale H.O.G. Calendar.

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